04 Jan 2014

Yan lo

Hi all :)

After having completed painting the lady justice crew I was lost for a malifaux project.

I had a look around at different crews but nothing really caught my eye until I saw the ten thunders box sets. Wow they looked amazing !!!! I was especially drawn towards the Yan lo set as I liked the ashigaru models ( undead have a special place in my heart :) ) and Izamu was breath taking. I have to say I have really enjoyed painting these models.

I had a look online for an idea on what colours the Japanese clans used and went with the uniform colours of the Shimatzu clan , I have tried to keep the green as the colour which ties the whole crew together

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20 Nov 2012

Latest Novamarines

Hi guys, just thought I would post up some work I have done on my Novamarines. This is a personal project of mine and while I do not like the Ultrasmurfs, this is one of their successor Chapters.

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20 Aug 2012


It’s official folks , dark forge studio are now producing an award winning painting service. We won 1st prize in an international painting competition last week :)

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